Dec 1, 2011

On a pet's death

Are you good at saying goodbye? I am not. Not to people, nor pets. But I just did. I was at my mom's place for only one night yesterday... and our old, faithful, super softy retriever- Ashton passed on a few hours later when I reached my place in Bali. I got a chance to feed him the last time and tho' I had the feeling about him going away, I asked my sister to give him a bath. Last bath apparently. My sister was with him throughout the last seconds :'(

I have no intention to make this blog like a personal journal, but... writing is therapeutic for me. Therefore, I have to do this. Ashton was so loved, and he was a friendly friend to Joseph my nephew too. Joseph (4 years and a half ) understands that death means going to heaven to see Jesus and grandpa and angels. So, explaining this was no longer an issue even-tough Joseph is a true animal lovers . He got sad but then able comfort himself soon by repeating stories on what heaven is like. A way that I (not a toddler obviously) secretly use pretty often.

Just now, I found this heart warming story about a kid's endearing wisdom about the death of a pet. So touching.
Just wondering, if you have a toddler, how do you explain a pet's death to them?

Ashton a.k.a Etten

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