Dec 20, 2011

Santa is real!

I was 10 when Santa transformed into a "reality". Yes, 10 is quite old. Scary indeed. My sweet, very soft spoken Grandfather revealed the truth by telling me the history of St.Nicholas and how the spirit of giving is packaged in such beautiful story of an old men in red suit.  I cried at that time. I am one of those people who have trouble in letting go off of the childhood magical vibes. 
So, today as I reached home, found that the Kerstboom (Christmas tree- we still use dutch verbiage sometimes for almost everything Christmastide) is standing beautifully, all carols are on standby in the CD player, socks are hanging... I am reminded of my childhood. 
Then I started to think of how far am I going to enliven the story of Santa for my children in the future. Browsing through related stories, I stumble upon this  website: .
It lets you upload a photo of your living room and then add a stock image of Santa (hundreds of poses) into the scene.  Proof you can present to your little ones that Santa exists. To me this is mind boggling!
I am crazy about childhood... So if you ask me how far am I going to go to enliven this story to my children... I think you can guess it, yes?
ps: Thanking one of my fave blogger  Joanna:)

from Capture the magic

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