Dec 19, 2011

More holiday gift guide ( for your solid team at the office)

What is your work force like? Do you have a team/assistant that has been helping and supporting you to reach all the division's goal and target? Not to mention run errands, filtering your incoming calls (ahem...), and even make you laugh during the stress hours?

This holiday season, you may want to look back and take time to thank them. No need to buy them a fancy watch or a big dinner at a posh restaurant. A simple card will do. Show them that they are a part of you and that you really appreciate what they have done. I have a gift guides you may want to use. 

Also, I can show you what I got for my two witty and creative assistants (See image on top: Simple, a bit cheesy but useful)

I attached a "thanks a latte"card to a tumbler I got from Starbucks

A do it yourself pinhole camera tip


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