Nov 12, 2015

Why I have a tiger plush toy in my office

Of all the things someone would treasure in their office, what is the quirkiest, most random, non-work-related one that you have seen? Or, have?
For many reasons my colleagues love to hang in my office. They enjoy browsing through the stacks of magazines that are sent regularly by various publications, or just to make a mess of my postcards collection. And of course to discuss work in between. 

And more often than not, they will lay eyes on my small tiger plush toy chilling on my bookshelf. And they will ask me "Why do you have a tiger toy in your office?"

And that, my friend, is my cue. 

Nov 9, 2015

Table for four. Party of six

He will wake me up. Because no matter how much of a morning person I am, he's always an earlier riser.
"It is time. " He whispers to me under the duvet. And I smile.
And the next few hours seem to flash by in the blink of an eye.

I am sitting on a chair, my boy, our son is falling asleep on my lap. His face is the smell of icing sugar and his tux is all messed up. Our girl, our daughter is playing with my hair.
He comes closer. And tries not to wake our furry kids that are resting under my chair.

My short white dress is all damp now. Earlier, the rain decided to say hello for a few minutes. Enough to make my make up run, enough to frizz my hair. Enough to ruin the cake, the flowers and the one table we have.

Table for four. Party of six.

He kisses my forehead and I can smell his skin and I can touch his hair.
"You still look beautiful, Ibu. Right, Daddy?", our girl-our daughter says to me in her sleepy voice.
"Yes, she does."

And you wipe my teary eyes.

"I love your wedding, Ibu," our boy murmurs in his sleep.
"Hey, it is my wedding too." His Dad teases him. But he's already fast asleep.

The lights are dimmed as the maitre d' approaches us with the check. "It was the best party of six I have ever arranged. Even with the rain," he tells us. "Congratulations."

"It's our wedding. All six of us married to become a family today," our girl tells him, as she climbs onto her Dad, hugs him, and rests her tired head on his shoulder. She lost her white ribbon from her curly hair, but she does not realize it yet. 
"Yes... it's ours," her Dad responds. 

And we snuggle in the car together that evening, going home, knowing we are going to have each other for the rest of our lives.
And we all smiled. With two of us wagging our tails......

Table for four. Party of six.

ps: Dedicated to the man that has taught me about receiving love. And to his daughter. 

Picture from Vogue Weddings

Talk Pretty to Me

Every other week, I will post an interview session with an inspiring friend. My first guest on this maiden feature is a ravishingly beautiful girl working for a boutique Mall on weekdays, and cooking up a storm in her little kitchen to cater for her home-cooking delivery business on weekends.

Sweethearts... read Judith Kirana's take on Beauty.

Oct 11, 2015

Like a girl

Have you ever seen this campaign: Like a Girl
While I am trying so hard to not give up on bootcamp, I have been watching it over and over again the past days... 

And here's another version that I think you might like: Unstoppable

Oct 4, 2015

She's Always a Woman to Me

Just last week, a kind, loving, handsome, tall and broad man with a delicious accent told me something I have never heard of before. 
"Stop trying to push me away, Tressabel. I am not going anywhere."

I will spare you the details of what made him say that. But I can tell you that at that time, the floor underneath my shaking legs was suddenly curated with pieces of my heart. Like a collage. Forming shapes I have never imagined before. 
Was I scared? No. I was terrified. 

But from then on, I am learning... to not push people away. Especially, not him.

ps: This song is not about me. It represents a man's true love to a woman I am very close to in life. That man is gone now, but I want to believe that the same kind of love is still existing.

If not, maybe just a half of that kind of love?

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