Sep 1, 2015


The series itself, is not my cup of tea.
But I am falling for this song.
I dedicate this to each and everyone of you out there who's been through hell and back... or who is still crawling their way through life. 
Do not ever give up...

"I am a conqueror, I won't accept defeat."

Aug 11, 2015

A Rescue Story

She was scared. She act brave and all but she was scared.
Her eyes met mine and all I see is fear and a little bit of madness. I am familiar with that because I am too… filled with madness.
She told me that everything is going to be alright. That from now on, none of us will ever have to face the world alone.
I told her that I think this is why our path crossed. Here on the side of a busy street.

I do not trust other people that easy. She whispered. Well look where I am, I replied.
But deep inside, when my gut twitch and my head feels her stomping heart beat
I know… we can give this a fighting chance.
To trust again.

To be less mad about the world, to heal our wounds.

She throw away the plastic bag that was used to wrap my tiny body before I was thrown to the gutter
I rest my shivering body on her chest. I let her hug me tight and take me home

We are in this together. I told her as she laugh-cry.
And I will never forget the day I rescued a human being... 


Mahoni, a #mutt.#rescueddogs #mahonithemutt

Aug 7, 2015

Restoring faith on humanity one buzzfeed at a time

The tragedy of Cecil is just one of the reason that makes me question humanity over and over again. But, ranting about it will not solve anything so I continue to do my part. Signing petitions, sound the campaign and just continue making donations that may not be big at all... but it is a step ahead from just posting a mad statement on social media.

I also stumbled upon this buzzfeed article ... and it warms my heart.
Maybe, there still is... Hope.

My fave picture below pictures my #relationshipgoal. Yes, with you.

Aug 3, 2015

Blushing Nude

Some people can wear any color pantone. They can rock bold colors and they can sport neutral shades however they like it and just appears to look as gorgeous.
I dare not to play with solid patterns in clothing, and for colors, I tend to stay away from soft shades as I always feel that they make my skin looks dull and washed out.

But last week... I tried these blush linen pants and broken white combo on, supported by my nude pumps. And based on the comments I received from my very reliable sources and sounding board (siblings and partner), I think I can play around with it more.

What are your current fashion trial or obsessions? Was it an error, or a success?

Jul 31, 2015

Max The Hero Dog

Finally! A movie that I am excited to see and tear-jerk this year! This canine adventure one is from the director of Remember The Titans (all-time fave) and a producer of Marley and Me (family's fave).

Max the Hero Dog

" "Max" played by five Belgian Malinois, but Carlos played in almost 80% of the movie. Four other Belgian Malinois dogs had their facial features carefully dyed to resemble and assist, each one with his own specialty. Jagger served as the main understudy. Dude specialized in jumping, Pilot in knocking people down and play-fighting. Pax was used for running shots and "happens to be good at showing his teeth," says Mathlide de Cagny of Birds & Animals Unlimited, who trained the dogs with O.J. Knighten.

Jul 29, 2015

Cecil The Lion

Nothing beats the ugliness of a person who needs constant ego stroking by killing animals. Just like no one can look as hideous as anyone posing for a picture next to a killed (hunted) animal(s). 
Read the news here. It is reported that Walter Palmer actually lured Cecil out of the Park.

Petition to sign:
Care 2 Petition Site

May you rest in peace, King Cecil. 
Now, I need to try to stop my cheeks from forming rivers. 

Jul 23, 2015

The Other Woman

On the last week of my job at my previous hotel, one of my biggest project: a short movie, was completed. Done, wrapped, ready to be shared. But yes, it was only on my last day that I got to show this to everyone in a general meeting/ farewell event, and it seems that the marketing of it has not yet been channeled.
But that is not why I am writing this post.

The purpose of this blog is not only for me to share personal stories and insights. But also to show my work. This, is one of them. The cooking of the idea was an amazing process, as it is based on a true story that I had to tweak. Yes, I am the director of this short movie, as well the script writer. And, the stylist!

In my industry (or maybe everywhere) you can sometimes be complaisant with standard and template, and... stop creating. I am glad I am still learning and producing.
By blogging this, I am inviting you to view it, please. And let me know what you think. It is not Coppola's, nor it is a Cannes quality as it is still a marketing movie but I hope you get to see why I am very proud of my rookie and raw talent and is not afraid to push forward for improvement.

Another short movie is still now in the making (giddy!) and I cannot wait to show you the result.

PS: Spot an energetic black fur!

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