Mar 6, 2017

Road to Full Marathon

Some of you may already know that I am in training for my first Full Marathon. It has been hard. And I am still so far away from my target. Some of my techniques still need fixing. Tho, my coach been complementing me about my endurance.

I look all smiley in pictures but honestly, I am in pain most of the times. But, as they say misery loves company, If you want to follow my training regime, I will be happy to share. For the good of course! I also do not mind sharing more details about my favorite gears. We can swap infos!

People been asking me if I have lost so much weight. Well, maybe like 10kgs. But I lost them gradually in about two years, not in a short amount of time. 
My objective was never that, as I was never feeling fat anyway. But it came as a bonus. I feel so much fitter. Tho I have been very sensible by eating more and more rice because I am more comfortable with a little bit of meat on my body.

If you are feeling like you are not shedding a pound or two and thinking about asking me how, I must say I may not be the best to go person. Because I eat like a maniac.
Maybe go to your nutritionist first, as they know what is best for each body type (blood type matters too?) then you may follow my training plan. 
Oh, I will share details on running gear on a different post. So keep an eye out!

If you want.

Mar 1, 2017

Run Till You Drop

This "Run Till You Drop" race was a bit different. You were given an option; register to run for 2hrs or 3hrs. If you register for the 2hr one, you will need to run a minimum of 5 laps (each is 2.5KM) to get your finisher medal. For the 3hr one, you need to do a minimum of 8laps.

Since my aim is to do my first Full Marathon this August, I registered for the 3hr one. "I need to train my endurance." I told myself.
I have done a good trail running before, a 25K in Lake Toba that took me about 3:19 minutes because of the trek. So I was like... "Hmm, I should do better this time."

The flat road was nice, but... handling boredom was tough! Running around and around the same loop as many times as you can was not that easy. 

My sister and my partner were there. Giving me cheers and encouragement and we high five each other whenever I run passed the starting spot. My partner helped me changed clothes on my fifth lap!

Thank to be God, I did 10 laps! Two laps more than the minimum requirement, tho my pace was not my very best. Fighting boredom and telling your body to not give up was hard, but I am glad I did it.

God is good.

Next: Jogjakarta Marathon!

I made to top 10 as the 6th female runner with the most laps covered!

Going Bananas. Literally.

Asics DynaFlyte and compression socks, thank you for being with me for almost a year now.

Feb 9, 2017

How to talk to Little Girls

My partner has a daughter. And this year, one of the most important agenda that we have in our relationship is... 
His daughter meeting me.

Not her. Just a beautiful picture of a girl doing Aikido from Pinterest

Dec 29, 2016

26.2 Miles

I have around five months to prepare my body for this. The training plan does not require me to run everyday but I am advised to convince my mind every single day. Every minute, every second. And most strongly during the race.
Grading up from 10K to 21K was not easy but I took it quite well. However, from 21K to 42K means way more that just "double up the amount."

"How do people do it and actually be addicted to it? I mean 42, 195 Kms?!"
What do they mean by "You will know the best and the worst in you during that  first Full Marathon."
"What it I cannot finish it?"
"Some might pee themselves?!"
"What if I die in KM 41? Or worse, KM 42?"
"Do I really need to do this?" 

I am so looking forward to answer the questions myself.

ps: If you are with me, you may want to follow this training plan and read this article on What to expect on your first Marathon. Eeks!

Describe this word to me: Home

My take: A place where you can be your true-self and just so comfortable in your own skin. It can be a group of friends, it can be your significant other, it can literally be your house with your dogs making continuous mess.

But it surely is the only place you want to be when things are good, and most especially when things are bad.

What's yours definition?

PS: Merry Christmas and Happy 2017!

My Christmas present from myself (ha!) It gives me mood swings alright.

Dec 9, 2016

2XU Compression Run

Last one for the 2016 road, baby!
I cannot describe this enough. Looking back, I would never imagine this can actually be a new addiction.  But today, I am starting my Full Marathon preparation! 
Foremost gratitude to my God, family and friends, and my partner who's been a huge moral support.
He was the one convincing me with his words "I know you will soon be a Marathoner."
And he said that when I was only training for my 10Ks! 
Wish me all the strength in the world for my next goal, please. 

Alam Sutra 27 November 2016

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