May 1, 2016

May is Gray

This is a coincidence that I am not happy about. 
As we are entering the month of May, our family received a horrifying news. My uncle is diagnosed with late stage brain cancer. He is a Junior high teacher, who spends his weekends leading the church's vocal group.

May is "Brain Cancer Awareness Month."
May is Gray.
May... suddenly becomes this sickening month that feels so relevant and so close with us.
May... becomes so real. May is now numbered for our family.

I cannot dispense any details on this subject just yet.
But if you are reading this... May I ask a simple prayer from you, please?
Just for my uncle. So that he will stand by God's grace with his wife and children to get through this.

That's all for now.

Apr 19, 2016

Three's a Charm; Three Easy Tips

We all know that health (physical and mental) is key to absolute happiness. But honestly it took me years to realize it!
Therefore, as someone who is determined to continue learning, I am sharing a few fun facts/tips that may be useful for others to read.

But first, need I remind you that this is nothing like a fashion blogger post. Because judging from my pose here... I cannot be one.

How to Look Chic
"Forget following the trend and stick with what is working for you." is the oldest trick in the book. And I love to obey. But throwing a little bit of trend here and there wont hurt. As long as  know how to carry yourself with it. If you do not have the body for a high-waist jeans and not sure if you can wear them, do not bother trying. BUT, if you want to wear them anyway, be confident about it. The way you stand will reflect in how comfortable you are and that should result in how chic you look. Or not. My friend Judith Kirana does not have that "Ideal size 10" but boy was she a stunner at all times!

At a photo shoot and being used for lighting test.

Apr 18, 2016

Motherhood, Night Live and Love Affair in Tanjung Puting

You've guessed it. My safari trip to Tanjung Puting National Park finally happened. A local publication is now reviewing my article. As soon as it is published (for May edition), I will post the story here. 
But this week I want to share the title with you. Why? Because I cannot wait to tell you EVERYTHING about it!

For now, just one picture here as a hairy teaser.

I've Got a Crush on You

Just cause :-)

Apr 17, 2016

Mother of an Angel Baby

Sometimes it makes me angry that my partner has a healthy, smart and beautiful daughter. 
Perhaps that’s a harsh statement.  But it's the truth. 
And if you'd like to know why I said that, I will need to take you to travel to seven years ago.
I remember my frozen feet.  The painkiller had worked numbing my back and belly. The cramp had disappeared. Leaving just me. And my feet.
I remember the doctor telling me: "Please pray according to your beliefs, Ma'am. I am sorry you may have lost your baby."

I remember looking at him trying to find something wrong with his words. I told him he was wrong.

He was.

And the next morning, I gave birth.

Mar 9, 2016

What are your regretable kitchen purchases?

My favorite illustrator Emily McDowell comes with another pressing question. And I never laughed this hard thinking how this resonates so true with me.

My list:
  1. Of course, a blender that has collected dust as thick as a rug. I bought them three years ago, mixed a guava and orange juice with it on the first night. And that's it.
  2. A microwave. A good one. But it seems that I was (am) so bad at math I did not realize that the voltage was just far too high for my small house. I re heated a rotisserie chicken in it once. And we are done.
  3. Different colors and patterns of tea towels. I have no idea where they are now.  
  4. Food steamer. "For when you are feeling oriental and would like to serve your guests with dim sum or buns." Exhibit A: I do not have guests that often. Exhibit B: Dim Sum corner is literary in every corner in the island.
  5.  A set of China. Which probably is somewhere in China.

Running Tips(s): Another 500 Metres and take it from there

After trying hard not to give up on running for the last two years, I decided to run "out of my comfort 5K to 7K runs".
It just happened a few weeks ago when I lace my shoes up and a subtle voice echoes "Look, just try to run another 500 meters after your 7K, and take it from there."
It seems like a lazy idea at first but I actually tried it!

"Another 500 meters, girl..." I whispered to myself the moment my running apps told me that I have completed my 7K.
"And take it from there..."

And you know what, I stopped at 12K!
My 10K time is 1:08, then I went very slow for next 2K. It is not the fastest timing at the end but boy was I proud! Simply because I did not stop.
Finishing a 12K has made me feel confident to train harder for my first half marathon!
And what comes after that run? Now my comfort run is elevated to become a 7K-10K long.

Do you have any running tip(s) you want to share?

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