Aug 28, 2014

Another break up

I apologize for the radio silence. Things been a bit topsy turvy. I was in the midst of family problems, health and also a big dilemma in my career life. Relationship department is just getting puzzling if not confusing. None of the above shows significant changes, actually... but I have time to breathe a bit now.
One of the key is to detach. To break up. From the saga, and from the many influences you may not realize are surrounding you.

And detach I did. First, with the too many to mention social media accounts. Therefore, you will no longer be able to stalk me on facebook, path (argh) and if you really listen, you will realize that my little blue bird does not tweet anymore.

Second, feed myself a fair amount of ignorance. Not too much. Just enough. I am not running the country, not a brain surgeon, no one is going to die if I no longer post my rants on path, or ramble in less than 140 character on twitter .
In real life, shortening the numbers of people I asked opinions for. No offense, it's just that, the more feedback you receive, the smaller the chance of you making the decision that you really need.

Funny enough, this helps.  I did not realize it before, but the more things I read from social media, the busier my brain gets and most of the time it is not for the things are are worth a second glance! So at the end, when I really need myself to think about important matters, my mind is often not at its best; poisoned, tangled, weary.

I am like that. If you are not, you are lucky. But feel free to try my attempt of thinking without thinking, if you like.

On a lighter note, just posting you my latest purchase. Please forgive me for I have never done this before, not on facebook, nor path or twitter. And no, I this is not a sign that I will start doing so on my blog.

ps: My other break up story About a girl

Aug 22, 2014

Bride and Baby Boy

It has been years that I have this haunting image. Of me, and my baby boy, on my wedding day. He will snuggle on my lap at the end of the reception night. I can smell icing and jam on his face, and pop soda... and he would just crash there with me after all that sugar rush from earlier. I would be under the influence of Cab Sav, so I would not be upset with him about that.

Do not ask me how's that going to happen and why. I also have zero idea about who the man is going to be.

But, I just think it's a beautiful thing to imagine. That's all.


Aug 3, 2014

Burn the Bridge

I have learned that burning a bridge is not about who is right and who is wrong.
It is simply because you just need to decide where your heart is invested in. 
And, frankly, you cannot invest in every people, every circle, every drama, work force and or every relationship there is in life.

Needles to say, I can relate to it.

And ablaze the way, it did.

Jul 18, 2014

Of Mice and Men on Broadway!

Let me repeat: Of Mice and Men on Broadway!

I did regret the fact that I read the book tho because it made me... cry like a baby. Embarrassing. Steinbeck is not only an amazing author, but a man with a gold heart, witty, prudent and I am sure; the kind of person that is filled with discernment and foresight you would find hard to understand at first. They are all portrayed in all of his work, including in his letter to his son.

New York is in my bucket list, obvs. And tho I know I would not be there for this play, this kinda give me more reasons to go. Who knows what will be on the stage when I am there someday?

ps: Do not get me started with James Franco (heart)

Jul 14, 2014

Happy Meal

Oh Gemma Correll, I really like you!
ps: She had me on "May be replaced with fries or more gin."

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