Jun 25, 2015

How come how long

It was a shinny morning.

It may seemed I was at my healthiest condition, but then again, my hair was probably a bit more brighter. On paper, I seemed to be on the right track: right position, right status, right what the society expected me to be. Little did anyone know, I was only inches away from giving up. And was at the starting line to hating myself. 
Then, as if I have just listened to this song for the very first time, that one shiny morning... 
I stumbled upon an awakenings.

"Wake up, before it's too late..."

I did.
And never look back.

ps: Thank you, Kenneth Edmonds.

Jun 19, 2015

How do I know that I am in love

Pfft... try google search the title above, and you will be served with hundreds if not thousands of article links with similar content.
But, here's my very own symptoms:
  • I (slowly but surely) add new bookmarks on my computer with his online newspapers, as well as his favorite websites.
  • I pay more attention to little things he said. Including trying to read between the lines.
  • Now, I am more aware of American VS British English. I did not realize of the many differences before! Oh, I meant to say realise
  • I mention his name in my prayers and I talk about him to the stage that my friends want me to go back to talking about my dogs instead. That...is...something.
  • The idea of spending 14 hrs of long haul flight with him does not freak me out.
  • I feel and am healthier. Being in love slows down your heart rate and increases the happy hormones like Oxytocin and Endorphin. No further explanation necessary.
  • My play list changed a little. We love the same kind of music but he's just far ahead of me in terms of musical knowledge. Tho, I did influence him into liking She and Him. 
  • Ok, this might sound a bit odd but I only baby talk to my dogs ( and other dogs and almost all kinds of animals). Now sometimes, I am auto piloting my pitch to a lower tone when speaking to him. Oh baby!
  • I can admit to him when I need help, advice, support. And sometimes, a shoulder to cry on.
  • I have not been feeling lonely for a long time as I always enjoy my own company. Now, I know how it feels. And it is okay to tell him that. 
  • Sing more than I used to? Let certain song turns me on? Yes, yes!
  • My idea of cooking is making toasts but he is a good cook even he's not a Chef, so, I bought some cutleries and order some cooking utensils. 
  • I respond well to his criticism (or, constructive feedback as he likes to call it) towards my project. I would argue to a certain extent, but love the fact that I am learning so much from our discussion.
  • I mention his name in my prayers. And I know I have already said that.

Jun 17, 2015

This girl can

When I was being a sick girl last month, I had to press pause button on running for weeks! And it got me feeling annoyed, not healthy, not charged up and all dread. I have been running for only two years but it is already a big part of me so the separation was downward unbearable. 

To my surprise, the reunion was even more painful.

With guilt, I returned to my running regime with some serious game face. But boy was I wrong. I was pushing it by kicking the sands. Running at the beach is such a b*tch. Then, I did a fast 5K and sometimes 7K on a hot day! It was not okay. My calves were sore and my hips felt like they are being displaced. My skin was screaming for help. 

Then someone special sent me this video. Now I realized that I cannot force it, just need to take it slow because the only thing I am competing against is my very self. If I am being too hard on myself, I would immediately feel incompetent and eventually give up. To the time I am posting this, I only do 10k per week by splitting them to 3 days of running. Not like I used to, but this is fine. As long as I do not stop, as long as I keep applying my SPF100 and as long as this song keeps on looping. 


Jun 11, 2015

Nobel laureate Tim Hunt resigns after 'trouble with girls' comments

Thank you, Tim.
For you have given us women more room in science lab by resigning. And, did you know that we are now playing soccer for the FIFA World Cup? We did not have that opportunity a few years ago, but maybe... because men have stepped aside, now we can. 

By the way, I was being sarcastic. That's the style we use these days in 2015. Just thought you want to know since... your calendar probably say it is the 1920s.
If you have time to spare, you may want to google Marie Curie (also available in this blog), Jane Goodall, Rosalind Franklin... 
Do not google my name, tho. 

PS: Read more here and here If you wonder what else rhymes with Tim Hunt.

Jun 10, 2015

What do you wear to bed?

What do you wear to bed? My significant other is comfortable with boxer shorts and tee while my nephew is at the stage of wearing nothing but his pants. My sister is a die hard fan of loose nighties.

Me? As one of Marilyn Monroe's hard core admirer, I was tempted to answer with "Why, Chanel no 5, of course."
But I did not. Because I don't.

However, my 8 hours of floating around in some sort of unidentified galaxy (not playing succubus, I hope) is sacred, so I take this question seriously. I have to take a shower before switching my body off and what I am wearing in bed counts. More than the importance of bed sheet thread counts. 
Living in the island, where its heat can grill you at 32 degrees, flannel pajamas is a no go. I mostly wear washed out cotton tee and hot pants. Also, I love wearing socks when it gets cold (Bali from July to September can cool down to 23 degrees which is too cold for me). The aforementioned ensemble been working well until ELLE magazine stated clearly that a woman must have matching pajamas by the time they are 30! Technically, I am 5 years behind.

Now I am searching for these vintage cuties. I think they look effortlessly chic, sexy and comfy. And I cannot wait to sport them in the morning too while making coffee in the kitchen!

ps: Pajamas Trend (Because apparently there is such a thing) and re-posting Monroe's playful voice in this iconic campaign: Forever Marilyn and No.5

Shop Bob

Jun 5, 2015

Beauty secrets

Girl talk mode.

My fellow beautiful readers, as I am starting to worry about my freckles and lines, I want to ask... do you have any beauty weapon(s) that you have been religiously using? Like, your favorite powder, blusher, foundation or maybe a night cream? Do you have a beauty and or fashion idol? Or, you go the instant way by covering your selfies with excessive filter before posting them online?

Let us find out and share more on this girly post!
(ps: Click read more at the bottom of this picture to continue reading as I just found out about this page break *duh)

From Pinterest

Mama Said

There'll be days like this...

ps: Just one song to give weekend a good kick off. Hope you like it!

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