Oct 4, 2015

She's Always a Woman to Me

Just last week, a kind, loving, handsome, tall and broad man with a delicious accent told me something I have never heard of before. 
"Stop trying to push me away, Tressabel. I am not going anywhere."

I will spare you the details of what made him say that. But I can tell you that at that time, the floor underneath my shaking legs was suddenly curated with pieces of my heart. Like a collage. Forming shapes I have never imagined before. 
Was I scared? No. I was terrified. 

But from then on, I am learning... to not push people away. Especially, not him.

ps: This song is not about me. It represents a man's true love to a woman I am very close to in life. That man is gone now, but I want to believe that the same kind of love is still existing.

If not, maybe just a half of that kind of love?

Sep 23, 2015

“Elephants never forget.”

As you may have heard, #ripyongki is not a trending topic we can be proud of. As an Indonesian (and, a Sumatran), I am heart broken and embarrassed. And I am sure you all know me long enough to understand why I am taking this personally. And, quite hardly. I thought I would never be as mad as when I hear about Cecil, but boy was I wrong...

Please read here:
Rest In Peace, Yongki (Images can be very disturbing, if not making you question humanity over and over again) 

True, we cannot join the rangers out in the wilderness to get the poachers, but I believe you can find it in your heart to care enough to sign for the petition.
If you want to support further, I will give you the information on how you can “adopt” these beautiful beautiful creature.

Should there be another petition to be sent over to RI President so this cause will be brought up to his attention, I will re share. There’s a gigantic monster out there behind this illegal trading business. An elephant ivory is worth USD3,000 /kg… and, that's just the down payment. The real payment: Our children later in the future only being able to see them in pictures. We have to let the authorities know how much we need them to get into the roots of this evil. Greed, that is.

Thank you, friends… I would really appreciate your time. 

“Elephants never forget.” they say.

So why should we?

ps: I am grieving. I am sorry, Yongki... I am so so sorry for what we have done to you and your families.

Not Yongki. This is just a picture I got from Pinterest. It broke me to pieces.

Sep 21, 2015


Remember this little buddy Diogo?
Apparently, like yours truly, he's a big fan of RHCP too.

That head-banging, baby!

Sep 14, 2015

Questioning my unfaithfulness

People keep asking me; Why animal welfare? And for years I tried being diplomatic hiding my real answers: I have a close to zero faith in humanity. 
But today, I am glad to finally question my unfaithfulness when I joined a visit to this school for the disabled children as part of my company's CSR program. Not my very first CSR for sure but you'll see why this made a significant impact. Just from the smallest "incident".

After doing some painting and general cleaning work, I escaped to the classroom with these little fellas; Bayu, Nesi, Fito, and Putu to do some drawings. Them and many more that are not in the frame taught me a lot about overcoming disabilities (Down syndrome, hearing impaired, blind). We think their life is hard but to them, the world is a safe place, people are kind, and God is amazing. I am swelled with the way they told me about their school, the games they love and even crush!

After almost an hour chatting leisurely, Putu (boy on my right) looked me in the eyes and asked the most important question "What color do you think I should use for this roof of the house I am drawing?" As a boring adult, I told him most house roofs are black. 
I think he was a bit disappointed because he paused before asking me again 
"But, some can be red, right?" He stuttered in all his limitations in speaking. 
"Yes, Putu... Some can be red." I smiled. Trying hard to hide my vibrating voice. And just at that very moment, I can hear my heart whispering " Yes, Tressabel, some can be kind."

God speed.

ps: If you want to be part of their inspiring journey by sponsoring them, please contact: +62 361 771718

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