Jul 29, 2015

Cecil The Lion

Nothing beats the ugliness of a person who needs constant ego stroking by killing animals. Just like no one can look as hideous as anyone posing for a picture next to a killed (hunted) animal(s). 
Read the news here. It is reported that Walter Palmer actually lured Cecil out of the Park.

Petition to sign:
Care 2 Petition Site

May you rest in peace, King Cecil. 
Now, I need to try to stop my cheeks from forming rivers. 

Jul 23, 2015

The Other Woman

On the last week of my job at my previous hotel, one of my biggest project: a short movie, was completed. Done, wrapped, ready to be shared. But yes, it was only on my last day that I got to show this to everyone in a general meeting/ farewell event, and it seems that the marketing of it has not yet been channeled.
But that is not why I am writing this post.

The purpose of this blog is not only for me to share personal stories and insights. But also to show my work. This, is one of them. The cooking of the idea was an amazing process, as it is based on a true story that I had to tweak. Yes, I am the director of this short movie, as well the script writer. And, the stylist!

In my industry (or maybe everywhere) you can sometimes be complaisant with standard and template, and... stop creating. I am glad I am still learning and producing.
By blogging this, I am inviting you to view it, please. And let me know what you think. It is not Coppola's, nor it is a Cannes quality as it is still a marketing movie but I hope you get to see why I am very proud of my rookie and raw talent and is not afraid to push forward for improvement.

Another short movie is still now in the making (giddy!) and I cannot wait to show you the result.

PS: Spot an energetic black fur!

Jul 8, 2015

Current obsession: All Things Linen

For years, I have always been a striped frenzy. Does not matter how my families and friends keep telling me "Tressabel you already have that kind of stripes!", I will always think "Uhmmm, well I know what you mean but that one is not exactly like this one." 
Then I went on to the cashier.

But the past 3 months since my last "spring cleaning", I found some of my old linen shirts; white, dusty green and baby blue. And I am starting to reconnect with its comfort and breezy feeling again as well as its benefit to give me even more ideas to mix and match and to dress it up or down as I like. Also, I can style them as office wear, or to just eat in a warung after work. As for my next sunset cocktail event, I cannot wait to sport this linen trousers!

Unlike striped tee that comes in various brands, style, fabrics and price, linen can be a bit more expensive. My suggestion is to wait for sale season. Well, that's what I did. And you get a quality that will last you a lifetime. Or in my case, five years.

So maybe, my end of year shopping this time will no longer be a striped top galore purchase.

How about you? Any old/new fashion items you have been obsessing about?

ps: Wish list: Linen beddingcrisp linen dress and of course, linen tote!


Jul 3, 2015

About losing a parent

This morning, I had a short but sweet and deep conversation with my partner. We were talking about... losing a parent (yep, before coffee) and he asked me one rhetorical honest question: "I seriously do not know what it's going to be like if /when my Dad passed away."

We did not continue it to a long comforting conversation as we normally do because adulthood was calling, and we have to rush our way to work. However, I got the chance to tell him this as I am grabbing my towel: "Well, it kinda sucks."
And here's why...

Jul 2, 2015

Back to the days

The worst kind of pain or sadness, I learned, is one you cannot explain why...
Or maybe you can, but you just do not want to.

And truthfully... that is the kind of sadness that I am now having.

I am very good with memories. Which can be good and bad. Today I decided to use the good ones. To help me go on, to help me feel less of pain and just hold on to what's good. To pause in between what feels like a roller coaster. To see even beyond the light at the end of what seems to be an endless tunnel.
Thinking of a moment, a poetry, a smell, a conversation, or... a song.

Like this song that I have been staging in my mind that I will someday sing to my children... and what I reckon as the most beautiful conversation ever: 

“ ‘Supposing a tree fell down, Pooh, when we were underneath it?’
‘Supposing it didn’t,’ said Pooh after careful thought.

Piglet was comforted by this.”

— A.A. Milne, Winnie-the-Pooh

And this one:

Jun 25, 2015

How come how long

It was a shinny morning.

It may seemed I was at my healthiest condition, but then again, my hair was probably a bit more brighter. On paper, I seemed to be on the right track: right position, right status, right what the society expected me to be. Little did anyone know, I was only inches away from giving up. And was at the starting line to hating myself. 
Then, as if I have just listened to this song for the very first time, that one shiny morning... 
I stumbled upon an awakenings.

"Wake up, before it's too late..."

I did.
And never look back.

ps: Thank you, Kenneth Edmonds.

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