Dec 11, 2011

Us women

Ladies! Time to talk about a simple yet important stuff: Fashion :). 
Two of my biggest fetish are books and shoes. I have not shop for shoes for quite some time since I know it will cost not a little amount of cash. But, I bought a pair of shoes last week. Cheap shoes. A cute espadrilles from an infamous line. Really cheap. I used it last night for the first time to a party and waking up this morning to realize that parts of the rope are missing shape and torn in sides. Bummer.  
So, this is to declare that there is no way I will ever buy myself a pair of cheap shoes no more. By no means of making me sound like a high maintenance lady but hey, buying cheap ones is actually making me lose. 
How about you? What is your fetish? If you like shoes too, do you have tricks on how to treat them or maybe a shopping tip? 
You may want to read this article on Shoes shopping guide . If your man is questioning your adoration in shoes, ask him to read: What's up with our shoe collection . But if he has some serious taste in shoes, I must say he is a keeper *wink.
Oh and yes... I love how Coco Chanel define a relationship between woman and shoes:

"A woman with good shoes is never ugly"

from Allure

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