Dec 6, 2011

What is your kissing style?

What is your favorite kissing style?
Oh, wait.. Do you believe that the way you kiss can tell a lot about someone's personality?

Well… For the famed French kiss, I like one that has pauses because I cannot stop smiling or giggling the whole time and when the guy hold my head as if I am about to drop it if he does not. It gets my mind boggle and giddy!

For family, I hug and kiss a lot! Lips smacking to cheek for parents and sometimes a breezy over the lips kiss with siblings (Yes, not everybody is a fan but my sisters and I do it often). When I kiss my little brother, I tend to reached out to rub his head ( He is 185 cm tall) so that he gets the idea that I am still her big sister...hahaha.

I love how grandparents kiss, they tend to sniff your skin when they kiss you as if you smell like a chocolate and they want to inhale that from you. I also like kissing babies and puppies on the mouth because they smell like coffee beans. Trust me they do!

And ... ahem … If you want to find out about you or you partner's personality based on his or her kissing style, try to fill in this quiz:  What is your kissing style ?

ps: Have you kissed anyone today?
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