Dec 17, 2011

Chivalry is (not) dead

Dear gentlemen, you do not need to ride horses and be in a shining armor. There are other ways of showing chivalry:

Open the door for us. Not because we are a lady but because you are a gentleman. 
Pull the chair. It makes you look classy even when you are not wearing a designer label suit. Pay for dinner ,  and say yes when we offer you a cup of coffee or ice cream from that place by the corner- on us. 
Know (and actually watch) at least one black and white movie, listen to James Taylor, the Beach Boys. Or both. 
Dance. No, not the twist you do after shots of tequila or jugs of beer and you do not have to be as magnificent as Fred Astaire. Somewhere in the middle works. Tho, do NOT pout.

Show passion in what you do. Never joke about a woman's look in front of other woman. If you really have to, do it with your crowd and we will pretend that we don't care. Yep, pretend.

Be a good listener. Be on time. 
Always wear a pair of good shoes. 
Make that call. Cut the crap. Send us flowers.
Be well educated, articulate, literate, soft spoken.

And before you realize it,  you will have a real lady in your arms.

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