Nov 30, 2011

Lumix Photo competition

Ever heard of Lumix Kita ? . They are organizing a major photography competition online- Photo Contest/ Festafet . Category varies from People, Places etc and all images submitted for the contest must be taken by Panasonic Lumix.

Just so happen that I am one of the jury/contributor for Bali area which obliges me to chose one top image from 4 winners and create a copy ( in Bahasa) for each of the selected images. Never hurt to earn some extra cash indeed *wink. And tell you the truth, I feel like a different person whenever I am writing in Bahasa. More like a poet than a blogger. I like it!

If you read and or speak Bahasa, you can have a look at it here . Two out of the four articles that I created is Perempuan Bali dan Panggung ( Balinese woman and her stage) and Ke Lapangan dulu! ( Let's us first go to the soccer field!).
If you do not speak Bahasa but you are into photography, you may want to participate by voting. No, not for me, for the contestants. 

There's a funny story behind the process. I almost fail to send  the articles in time since it was processed in the middle of my trip to North Sumatra and the area was a bit remote. My brother came to the rescue by accompanying me to this dodgy-super gross internet booth near Lake Toba so that I can send my work to the organizer. Oh how we adore technology...


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