Dec 10, 2011

Old Loves

This photo tumblr is like a beautiful irony. It contains celebrity couples who are used to be lovers. You can find pictures of love stories from many years behind to today's affairs and relationships. Kinda cute but also a bit sad. A bit.

I would love to show this to my Mom and ask "Do you know the story? can you tell it to me?" If I found ones that are from certain era I have no knowledge of. Like, I did not know that Al Pacino was once an item with Diane Keaton!
ps: thanking my fave blogger for sharing this. : If you have seen and like Citizen Kane (ahem, yes a black and white movie), you would love to know that the brilliant director's picture is in there too. See my first picture here;

Orson Welles (yes the Director) and Rita Hayworth
Al Pacino and Diane Keaton

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