Dec 20, 2011

Quirky holiday gift(s): for the geek in everybody

I will try to make this as my last holiday gift guide. Like I said, we only have 5 more sleeps before Christmas and there is no way you will be all empty handed or bringing boring stuffs for your loved ones. Okay... it is the thought that counts I knoooow... but why go mediocre when you can be awesome! Oh crap am I exaggerating this? I don 't care really. 
Now... below items are just the "IT" gift for the little geek in you, your brother, sister, friends...  and me! (yes... I would love them too) or anyone else who are just as cool :)) Order now or keep looking for other gift ideas :) .

Ueber cool grassy charger docket

Camera lens mug- perfect for Me!

Kill you with my brain... I just did ;)

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