Dec 8, 2011

Delight yourself

Isaac, my little brother contacted me via text yesterday. So we "talked" till our thumbs get numb. Something is happening and he is having a heavy heart facing it. Something is been on hold and he almost gave up.
I, as a sister, a person, a woman, am so proud of him and I have so many reasons why. But we will not talk about that today. 
This post is to wrap the conversation up with one conclusion that we both believe in. Some people ask why am I holding on so strong to my faith and they question the being of God with their analytical sights and maybe their geniuses. I have nothing against them... Really... I appreciate them for who they are and I have no intention to push God under anyone's throat.
However, I have no time to explain about my faith. I am too busy taking delight in it :) *heart
ps: Delight brother! (Psalm 37:4)

Lamp unto my feet

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