Dec 6, 2011

Father and Daughter

When I found out that a dad of two girls pinned this quote; I got all teary. I did grow up as my Dad's friend (God bless his soul). I was the first one who get to know his problems, his achievements (this inc. raise and his expenses), faith, dreams, and first "heartbreak" love story . He even talked to me about his office drama and gossips!
I was just as open. Boy problems (oh poor Dad), credits per semester, friends, career path, even fashion,  and... family scandals! Crazy? Yes. But somehow that is the memory that I can always latched on to whenever times get tough. And unfortunately,  a benchmark that I -with or without consciousness- set if I see another father and daughter/son relationship :)) *guilty.

One time, when my Dad was at his lowest point of his career and he was devastated, I- the ambitious daughter- sent his full resume as an application to this mining company in Canada (my dad was an engineer- and that is also a brownie point I see in a man  *aaaargh!)
He was shocked to receive the call for an interview and an offer letter in no time. Though he did not get the job in the end because of health problems, the story remains as a crazy surprise. He ended up getting all excited and get a great job in town.

I remember what he said to me: " You are one crazy daughter. I have no hesitation you are going to make it big in life, and will kick your future husband's ass if he get demotivated someday ... You are a crazy daughter and you act like my friend... I love you for that " :')

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