Dec 4, 2011

Inspiration Sunday: Drake and Grandma

This supposed to be the last week's issue of  Inspiration Sunday , but I only have the chance to post it now. Please read this sweet conversation between a rising hip-hop star with his Grandmother.

Drake: I made it! I finally signed my contract. Now I have millions of dollars.Is there anything you want? I’ll give you anything you want.
Drake’s Grandma: You have a million dollars?!
Drake: No grandma, I have millions of dollars! I can get you anything! What do you want?
Drake’s Grandma: How about a hug and a kiss?

Well isn't that sweet? Inspire me to understand again and again that there are things money cannot buy. Inspire me to be more affectionate (Even according to some people I already am) 

my contributor: Anom Danas

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