Dec 27, 2011

More than Autism

Ever been in a group of people (or in an environment of cliques) who casually throw jokes on autism? For example, when someone on the table is too busy with his or her gadget and the other person will just lightly shout " Hey, do not be autistic! drop your gadget". And they just laugh... STUPID. I say this again with all my heart... That is just STUPID.
So I was the first one in my group of friends who took the liberty of saying there is no way I will tolerate that kind of joke. Try read about autism (yes, I can give you some references), or be friends with someone who is having a family member with autism. If you can still use that joke, you might as well just plainly... moronic or simply a mean ignorance.
I have no one close to me dealing with this battle. But I do not need to wait or to encounter with one first to be able to show a sincere empathy. I may not as grand as other people who can do bigger things like working as a volunteer in a special need school (thumbs up), but I at least know that I can chose my jokes and humors. And autism is not one of it. Not even close.

ps: To all the family out there who are so courageous in facing autism. My love and prayers are with you.
To find out more about autism, click here

Autism Awareness

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