Dec 11, 2011

How to please a wowan/man

This saying below is funny!
Ladies, are you that " so hard to pleased to" type? Are all women are? My best friend Joe thinks that my mindset is more like a man than a girl. I do not know if I have to be flattered or offended about it but he is my best friend and one thing you do to your best friend is appreciating his or her opinion. 

Using the sample mentioned; I do not want my man to miss a game for me! I want him to invite me to watch the game!
In a nutshell, I understand that woman can be somewhat too sophisticated and accomplished that they require things men might consider as too much. Might... :)
On the other side, I believe not all men are that simple. Well some can easily be pleased but there are men who requires a lot more than just a beer and a casual making out to make them happy. Men who really are a true gentleman and affluent in many paths in his life ... including career and relationship, and everything in between. Just saying :)

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