Dec 26, 2011

Love (not really) lost and found

I literally am now panting and trying to catch my breath! Too excited. I just read about (yeaaa... you've guessed it) a quirky book which happens to be published by Quirk books Philadelphia : Insults Every Man Should Know . An intriguing title always facinates me so I was thinking about buying it online or maybe to or ask my friend who lives in SG to get it for me... bla..bla..blaa... But, I found it today! Attached to another funny book from the same publisher. What a coincidence.

But... the main reason I am all giddy and ultra excited is that a friend, also considered as a client/ business partner, my match for idea exchange, got me this graphic book I once rambling (and post) about.

If you have read my post abut Love; Lost and Found ; which basically is a brief reference of one of my must have read book: Missed Connections... You will understand why even after 3 glasses of GT, an hour by the road with traffic... I am still wide awake and energized enough to be posting about this :)
Thank you so very much! This is by far is the cutest gift of all...
Merry Christmas again, you... xx
One of my fave story from the book: Love lost in the library

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