Nov 7, 2011

Why I don't party much

I have many (stupid) reasons for not going out partying every weekend. Those days are gone. I can re visit the excitement for night or two but never more than that in a month. You do not have to agree with me and I really am not asking for an understanding. Truth is, all the reasons are pretty lame and silly.

Main reasons: 
I hate waking up to a tired-dry skin and red weary eyes. A lady's skin should be delicate and moist. Hence, my reason for not wanting to smoke too. See...  I can be shallow too. It is not "Because I have better ideas on how to spend money"... No. Too far. I am lame but not that obnoxiously skeptical and definitely not that wise. I just really love my skin condition as it is. Not fair and flawless but healthy. And, an overdone make up is never my favorite way of disguise. I also never went for a facial treatment all my life. Enough sleep, water and no smoking are pretty much the secret. So that's reason number one; my skin. *big grin

Another silly reason; I refrain from being photographed with hazy smokes all over my face, not to mention have a pouting face posing next to me. Really. You are not a duck, girl!
I am no skinny bitch. I eat like a dude, and somehow, a thin figure does not seem to be my style. If I go out every weekend, not only that I will have a "lemon sucking" face, I also be having fevers and headache as a result of waking up too late. I hate that. And yes, I am a sucker for morning risers.
So if I pull myself out home before dawn breaks, please understand that it has nothing to do with you. I just want my beauty sleep. There's reason number 2 and 3: Pictures and sleeping hours.

:)) Go ahead and laugh.... That's fine since I know how silly that sounds but that is the truth :)). 
But we can go out next weekend dear... Do not worry about that. I got that covered with tons of water I will be keeping in the car. 
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