Nov 7, 2011

Secret Crush

Do you have one? Like back in high school or college? What type of crush? One who you think that " He does not even know that I am alive" type? (Checked!). The "If only you can break up with your girlfriend at this time, I do not mind losing her as a clique" kind? (Guilty!) . 

Those days are long way behind. I had this conversation with a friend via chat messenger last night and she told me about this crush, after an almost 10 years of a happy marriage, a daughter; she has a crush!(By the way, I already got a permission from her to post about this). The thing is, she married her high school sweet heart. They have been together for a long time. Sum up with the marriage, maybe around 15 years. Together. So imagine the confusion, the anxiety, the wonders and all twirls of "what ifs" she was having. She said there is nothing she wanted to do at all because not only that she still wants to stay in the marriage, this man she was having an eye for is not that much of a stranger. They both know him well.

So, she told her husband about it. Result? They got into a big fight, separated for a few days, back together, clear things up, and ended up being hot for each other again. Turns out the crush gave an essential vibe! They did not let the guy know about this so it stays as a secret.
I know, not many couples are as lucky and open minded. But it thrills me to know this worked out fine for them. 
Conclusion, never avoid the possibility of having a crush... perhaps? Or be a crush for someone else? If it's turning into something serious, you work it out. If it's not? Why bother labeling everything? It is fine to live in the moment once in a while. And a girl can decide on this thing to. The call is no longer all yours, gentlemen ;-)
Darn it I am such a rookie when it comes to wrap stories with a " the moral of the story" . You go figure!
from LIFE

My kinda girl crush. Image from Renee Gantz

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