Nov 16, 2011

Such a Princess!

from Monnet

Well, my Dad did. That is probably why I (and my other 3 sisters) sometimes act as if we are "all that" when it comes to a serious relationship. The reason why our brother always managed to sweep his girlfriend off her feet.
Don't get us "princesses" wrong. The minute you start treating us like one: you become our prince, best friend, family, and our team. 
No, we do not need your flashy charm or richness. We demand respect, affection and a handful of laughter. And that means a lot. At least for us; people who are used to hugs and kisses and sharing and love and intimacy. But you don't want to hurt a heart that once told as a delicate princess inside. You seriously do not want to.


Princess in the attic, representing another princess who now is in doubt of her true self: Don't!

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