Nov 24, 2011

Pixar short films to the rescue

Is it just me or most of movie sequels are just...suck? Well, not entirely suck but at a general measurement- not as good as the first one. And by saying most; I simply have an opinion that some are really an exception to the rule. For example; The Toy Story. 1,2,3; ALL great. Also adore Cars (Pixar), Monster's Inc ( Pixar), Shrek ( Dream works), Ice Age (Dream works), Nemo ( yes, Pixar) etc..etc...

Whoa... wait, did I only mention cartoon movies up there? Specifically; Pixar! Ah yes dear, I am one cartoon movie aficionados. You name it, I can guarantee you I have seen it. I even have special folders in my laptop where I store all my fave cartoon movies- both the original and the short version ones. Freaky? 
Maybe.... but; last weekend, I was on a plane flying back to Bali from a business trip in Singapore. And, since it was the last day of the ASEAN summit , many flights instructed to wanders up in the sky for hours before landing or in my case- to another airport! It was quite depressing. This couple next to me was with a 14 months old baby, they have tried anything possible to stop the baby from crying; feed, rock, stroll from one end to another. Nothing works. Then... I politely ask the mother if her baby by any chance will respond well to a cartoon movie. She was all eyeballing at me and and ; "Do you have that with you now? any cartoon movie! Whatever?"
And that is how my Pixar Short Films collection off  TO THE RESCUE! One baby down to laughter and fell asleep.
I did not have the heart to take a picture of the baby giggling over my treasure, but here's a  screen shot of my mood medicine.

For the Birds
Another thing; Romance movie does not get me to weep. But cartoon? Yes. If you are also a big weeper like me on cartoon movie, you may want to know why adults cry so easily in animated movies?  .

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