Nov 13, 2011

Inspiration Sunday: Bridgette Jordan

The world have thousands of people who is living beyond their very own limitation, far from even the most bitter and darkest past and maybe background. They portray this amazing persona, making differences instead talking or orating speeches about it.
If you read their profile and their story behind every achievement, you will start to realize that the main reason why they can be so high on the top is not because they want to "conquer the world". All started with a burst of fire, on changing the idea of their very self
Just like this little story; The world's shortest living woman Bridgette Jordan, 22, from Sandoval, Illinois, works at a computer. She stands 2ft 3in (69cm) tall. Ms Jordan likes to stay active and often spends time dancing and cheer-leading. On her record-breaking achievement Ms Jordan said: "It feels awesome. It's great to be small. I believe that everyone should be confident in themselves." 
ps: So, what's your excuse? 

Picture by Gary Parker/Guinness World Records/PA

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