Nov 6, 2011

Faith it onto my skin

No. These are not mine. Or not mine... yet. I never thought about making a permanent art on my skin before. I always am frightened with the pain, the boredom, and yes... needles and all that. I probably will never make one ever. However, I have been thinking a lot. A lot. About this one powerful word. (Don't worry; no lecture here. I keep it to myself)
If... if one day, a gun pointed to my head and the last order issued for me is to make a tattoo or spilling the dirt of my friends; I say "Paint this one! ". I especially like the one at the bottom, which reminds me of a Hebrew signs at churches. 
Or... If I ever... ever on a life support *knock on wood; after the lucky person pull the plug, please... needle paint this onto my skin. Oh wait, is it before or after? Well, you may ask the doctor.
And yes people... Faith some more.

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