Nov 13, 2011

Collectible bottles

Back in the college years, I rented a big house with a few friends and one of my homey happened to be a bartender. Therefore, I gained a little interest about mixing up drinks . When I told my friend that I adore the bottles design (typography, labels, name, tagline etc) more than whatsoever is differentiating the liquid, he said that I should work in a place where design and art is the major lining.
My friend is gone now (God bless his soul), and he probably would never know that I am  doing exactly what he said to me years ago. I threw my bottle collections away the year I moved back to Jakarta for one and many reasons.
This page I found is like a sweet reminder of my friend, and how I still can be attracted to bottles design without having a single idea about the drink itself. That's okay, yes?
Anyway, you can use this as a gift guide. They look adorable!

1. 5th Gin – Water  |  2. Ginself   |  3. Both’s Old Tom  |  4. Small’s Gin  |  5. Geranium  |  6. The London Gin  |  7. Right Gin  |  8. Broker’s Gin  |  9. Aviation  |  10. Tub Gin  |  11. 5th Gin – Fire  |  12. Death’s Door  |  13. Breuckelen 
1. Joss  |  2. Lovejoy  |  3. Black Moth Truffle Infused Vodka  |  4. Jonah + the Whale  |  5. Pinky  |  6. Prairie Organic Vodka  |  7. Snow Queen  |  8. Belvedere Intense   |  9. Chopin  |  10. Valentine  |  11. Death’s Door

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