Nov 9, 2011

His Child

Yes my love, this one is for you,

I know how you have been questioning about this lately. I know how hard it seems, how steep and how crazy the thunder seems. I know. I have been there too, my love. 
Did I ask for His help? Did I scream out of pain and anger? Yes. You bet I did. Did I ask Him "Why?"... Only like a thousand times. And my love, when the end is just seems further, when even a dim is nowhere to be seen, when the storm does not seem to tone it down... Did I almost bail? Yes. Yes. Yes.
Then, I realize. He cares more about my heart than the roaring storm. ( You know me better than anyone I ever met. So I bet you understand exactly that this is not coming out from a saint. I speak of my imperfection, wrecked past and my flaws)
If He lets the storm rage, He just wants you to trust Him more, He just wants you to hold him tighter. You are His precious child and sometimes with or without consciousness... a child let go off His hand, trying to build castles in the sand, trying to see if you are strong enough against all the spirit in the world, if you can predict or control time? We let go off His hand... And, since -newsflash- He is one mighty Father, He wants you back under His majesty. If the raging storm is what he uses to get you back... that just shows much He loves you. 
You think He cannot calm the storm down? Of course He can. But, again... He cares for your heart even more. 
Be still, my Child. Come home to me . I remember that words. I remember the severe hurt, then I remember the relieve of letting go off my grudge, worries, bitterness. 
Come home, be in my hand again. He said.
I did that , my love. And never once regret my decision. 

Another child of His who happens to be your sister.


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