Nov 1, 2011

Scent before bed

I love a sweet and fresh smell of linens and bed sheets. When I used to share room with my sisters, they hate me for being so obnoxious about changing linens and bedsheets too often. Now I can do that anytime I want without a cringed face behind my back. 
However, since I also realize that my habit is just a few milliliters away to become an OCD, I am taking it slow now. I change them once per week. The fresh smell may vanishes after the second day, so this linen spray comes in handy. An easy spritz on the pillows and blankets- 10 minutes before I hit the bed... Hmm... 
I am liking this Vanilla and Tonka Bean Linen spray now. Lasts for quite a while it helps to relaxes my mind, and very affordable. Do you have this type of ritual bits too? Light aromatic candles before you go to sleep maybe? What is your favorite scent?
Good night everyone.... 

Vanilla and Tonka Bean

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