Nov 17, 2011

What is your sign? Errrr...

Are you an astrology freak? Cannot start a day without reading what your star sign says? You follow @zodiacfacts on twitter?
I know I am not. But, I do appreciate and enjoy the excitement of befriending someone who is one zodiac fanatic. It is somewhat endearing to have them asking me " What's his sign? Oh that? Men under that sign are boyfriend material!" Hahaha:)) ( I often respond with WTF ?- but laugh anyhow)
I got this image from my friend and you guessed it- she's all about " What planet rules you " and all that. Well, here's to all of you who shares the same interest with her. According to the celestial coordinate system; I am a Capricorn, and despite the fact that I am not that into this, the poster states a good thing about me ... So there it goes;)


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