Jun 8, 2011

Your Baby's hobbies

Here's another post about my nephew Joseph Kiyoshi. Just wondering, if you are a Mom of a toddler, what are the things that keep your baby busy? I am sure that your day can be just as heavy or maybe even more than a single working woman and you will appreciate a few minutes of being-left alone. Read a magazine, talk over the phone, drink a glass of wine or else. The thing is you know that you have to make sure your active little tot will not be bored or will have something to be given his or her attention too . At least for that so needed 15 minutes of "me time" you are desperate for. Well, if I may say....My sister is so lucky because her baby boy has many-many interests... :)

Books! This he reallllly loves

napping with the dog

playing "drums"

and some other musical instruments

and playing dress up :))

1 comment:

  1. Kiyoshi is so adorable!!! Love the picture of him sleeping with the dog! :D


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