Jun 5, 2011

Say What?

from toothpastefordinner
Wayne State University’s Word Warriors have released their top ten words to revive in 2011. Starting in 2009, the Wayne State Word Warriors have highlighted obscure English words to bring back into common usage. Citing the vast vocabulary available in English – the biggest in the world, in fact — the Word Warriors contend that the depth and elasticity of the language is often discarded for the quick, easy and accessible word. “Too often we limit ourselves to words that are momentarily popular or broadly applicable, and so rob ourselves of English’s inherent beauty and agility.”
You come to Dictionary.com to find the meaning of a particular word. Okay, so sometimes you come to check the spelling, or the correct usage, or to find a suitable synonym. Here’s a project that focuses on the reverse:  what if you had a list of words that you intended to use regularly, infallibly, and until they became common usage among your circle of friends, family and acquaintances?
Often, students talk about wanting to expand their vocabulary with rich synonyms, but also worry about misusing a less-often used word. We say practice makes perfect. Check out the Word Warrior selection below and start incorporating some of these ten dollar words into your daily speech. 

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