Jun 14, 2011

A Glimpse of Poland's kindess

My email address is stated in the press releases and homepage of the resort where I am working for, therefore I can easily be tracked and contacted. Not only by the media but sometimes by future guests who need details or other information prior to their arrival. I am in charge for Marketing Communications department and I handle all of the outgoing communications, mostly related to promotions. But, a client- guests can pop you any kind of regards and questions, so it is not really that limited.

There’s this couple from Poland. They emailed me like a few weeks before their arrival date- with their diet concern. They can only eat black-graham bread, and they are also lactose intolerant. 
So I forward the email to our Executive Chef who immediately responds that we don’t have that specific kind but will prepare them before the couple arrived. I reply the couple’s email saying the same, and ensuring their diet will be noted as our concern. Just that simple. I also send a reminder to Chef a week before the guest arrived.

But I didn’t realize that the small gesture mean so much to them. On the 7th day of their stay, the couple , Mr and Mrs. Janusz Kurek , (probably at their 60’s) walked into my office and pay their courtesy. It was a sweet visit from such a lovely couple. They gave me a little coffee table book about Poland, a CD album of a young accordion player (Mr. Kurek turns out to be a famous musician in Poland, own a Jazz club, performed with Louis Armstrong and the accordion artist is his student), and a cute postcard with a picture of a painting by Tomasz Setowski (the exact same painting is hanging on the wall of Mr. Kurek’s Jazz club). I literally think it was just too much! They are sooooooo kind and I am more than just touched. Books, music and art are my main interest and they miraculously wrap them all in the package. It's like they know me for a long time before... And of course...their visit made my day...

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