Jun 17, 2011

You may kiss the Bride

I have been thinking about wedding kisses recently. Maybe because I attended my dear friend's wedding last week. The wedding was so sweet yet intimate.
Why again? Maybe because I just love an image that captures the object's emotion.

Are you married? What was the wedding like? How was the kiss?Did you do a big wet one at the altar? Or you think you should you keep it small and grandparent-friendly (as in; you sniff more than you smooch)? Have a look on a few lovely wedding-kiss moments below.

They look edgy and adorable!
She giggles! how cute is that?
Simply sweet and romantic
My sweet friend Ria and her passionate -cannot let go of the champagne glass- kisser husband, Adrian
Last... the Royal kiss and the slightly disturbed flower girl ;)

(Photos by  East Side Bride; Boutwell Studio; Parker J, and Anna Wolf) Ria's album and people

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