Jun 21, 2011

Other people's opinion. Care much?

I used to. Now.. not so much.Well, it is easy to just neglect the judgement or opinion from others who are not that close to you. But somehow, you can have this urge of trying to make your dearests happy all the time. The habit to keep asking whether or not our decision is going to disappoint them. This aching heart of knowing that you did.

I know… That can eat you out alive at some point. I have been there. So, if you ask me… no… I cannot just not care. I love my friends, I love my siblings to death, I love my edgy Mom and my big big crazy family.
But I chose not to worry. People will not live that long to keep talking about you, you are no rock star! And even if you are, trust me… They do not think about you very often and you know the saying; What other people think of you is not your business.

When I decided to get a divorce , I didn’t expect people will just be in a solemn peace- not judging or over analyzing my “reasons why”. I cannot stop them from talking about me, pointing fingers to summarize me to fall into one template of a character. And that’s fine. I cannot control what they think of me and I am okay with that. The changes my decision bring, was like a gigantic drainage with little holes, only the strong headed with true hearts stays. And that is a good chance for me to know who my real loved ones are. I know If they really love you for who you are, even though they may not always understand you, they will stick around and get your back. Somehow.

And when you are surrounded with true people, how can it not bring all the best and most genuine qualities of you too?

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