Jun 23, 2011

David Ogilvy-100 Years

I have always adore David Ogilvy . I actually have sent my resume to the representative office in Jakarta once. A few years ago... Wish me luck :) Hahaha...
So, this post is to honor a legacy, commemorating the 100 years of his life. Today, June 23rd.

David Ogilvy formed the agency that still bears his name in New York in 1948, and went on to produce memorable work for clients such as Lever Brothers, General Foods, and American Express.As a copywriter, Ogilvy was personally responsible for many of advertising’s most famously sophisticated campaigns. These include 'The man in the Hathaway Shirt', which introduced Baron George Wrangell with his aristocratic eye patch, and the series of advertisements for Schweppes featuring Commander Whitehead and the tagline 'The man from Schweppes is here'.

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