Jun 20, 2011

Believe it or Not : Devotion

A Woman. 45 years old. Been tied in a sacral knot for almost a half of her life. Been cheated for 12 freaking years. The betrayal started  on the same year when she gave up on her dream, to take care of their walking flesh and blood, another dream she has been carrying, proof of love she has been holding. Then she goes... Trying to make a living, saving, managing, organizing, cleaning, cooking, teaching, forgiving...  All she does. She puts on a face of glorify, whenever she talks about her man. His pride is on her rough hands.
Then she vanishes. She forgets. Wishing to be gone. Only her aching body, her wandered eyes. The living witness of a cruel life in disguise. Yet, she beams her smile again. Then keep trying to make a living... saving,managing, organizing, cleaning, cooking, teaching, forgiving, saving, managing,cleaning... Aching... Wandering. All she does.
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Note: I am posting this with a stomping heart because I am just so mad at this time and I need to get it out. If some wiser breeze effect me later, I will of course add something. But now, I think I have found a new meaning of Devotion. That is; it can be extremely sucks. 

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