Feb 17, 2012

Socks and I - how we stick together no matter the weather

I am in a long relationship, but with no strings attached. With ... socks.
Truth: I sleep well with socks wrapping my feet to keep them warm till dawn breaks. I can sleep without- but not as heavenly sound as if I have them warming my toes .

How we met? We crossed path in Bandung- West Java ( my city of birth, and where lived for a few years to finish my bachelor study). Bandung's climate is much cooler than Jakarta and most areas in Java island, so I can say our hooking up was pretty predictable. It was natural. It was effortless.

To my surprise... the toe warmer continues its legacy to accompany me when I moved back to to Jakarta. And now that I live in a lush tropical island-Bali (in the afternoon, the weather can burn you alive with its roaring and sizzling 35 degrees Celsius), somehow... our mutual bond remains. Strange, right?

I treat them as my delicate. I use flowery scent softener and a lime scented detergent to wash them. That is the least I can do for they always make my 7 hours of resting so perfect and complete!

We know each others' moves, we are familiar with our morning perks. And we are planning to stick together for as long as we both shall live. In bed only. No strings attached.
And baby, If I happen to crash at your place one day ( too much of Gin Tonic, and unintentionally not bringing socks...) please offer me a fresh pair. I will be so happy to say yes to it.

ps: So when I read that one of my favorite blogger Joanna post this funny comic from  Lizzy Stewart , I can't help myself from laughing so hard!
Do you wear socks to bed too?
Lizzy Stewart

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