Feb 20, 2012

Awesome Monday: Awesome People Hanging Out Together; The Digerati

Sorry I did not post it this morning. We still have a few hours before Monday ends,  so this is where I am going to say the old "better late than never" cliche :) . 
Inspired by this tumblr , Awesome Monday is a feature you can enjoy every Monday - assuredly to give your Monday a good jump start into the new week. 
See this picture... a dining table filled with numbers of Digerati with President Obama? I would kill to be a part of them for a chat, or maybe just to stare at Obama's beaming smile. 

Have a nice Monday sweethearts. I am just had a good dinner earlier ... No, not with the Digerati... with friends :)

The Digerati : Front, left to right: Eric Schmidt, CEO Google; Unknown; Steve Westly, former eBay executive; Steve Jobs, CEO Apple; Barack Obama, President, USA; Mark Zuckerberg, CEO Facebook; Unknown. Back, right to left: Dick Costello, CEO Twitter; Carol Bartz, CEO Yahoo; John Hennesy, President, Stanford; Reed Hastings, CEO Netflix; Larry Ellison, CEO Oracle; John Doerr, Partner, Kliener Perkins Caulfield & Byers; John Chambers, CEO Cisco Systems, Unknown, Art Levinson, CEO Genetech.

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