Feb 16, 2012

The (not so) crazy little thing called LOVE

I love how you can make me feel like I am the wisest lady there is in the world. I love how you make me feel gullible,  sick, confused and lost at the same time feeling like I can burst to shout; Eureka! I just love that.

I love how you can immerse your way to every inch and corner of all the holes and pores in my head. Playing with every single nerves there is. Tangle them, untangle. Then you go deeper within me... just to tear my heart apart, all inside and out just to make sure it's still there.

I love how you can have this eerie power in me. I love how you enable and elevate me at one point and how you strangle me the next minute. I love how people cannot live without you. I love that you empower those people to do even the craziest thing- things they cannot imagine doing be it in a dream, they do in reality. That is because of you.

You are as arrogant, as high demanding, as boastful as the king in H.C Andersen's story's "The Emperor's new plaid". You are as timid, as sensitive, as fragile as the lady in " Princess and the Pea" (Yes, also an Andersen's story) .

You are either an up or a down. An east or the west. Top or bottom.  You are never an average nor a mediocre. Never in the middle. You are twisted and manic and oh so hard to put up through ... You are solemn and humble and dignified. Even so... I still love you.

I love that you made me fly to cloud nine that day. That one moment in time. I still adore you when I hit rock bottom and shatter myself to pieces. I love that because of you.... I gather myself up again. Every broken strings, every scars, every  wound. I love that you healed me. 

I love that you make me believe. In myself, in every single force there is on earth. I love that even when I did try to hide, you have your way of finding me. I love that when I need to be alone to understand you better, you let me.

I love that you give me a reason to be who I really am. I love that you leave it up to me. Not to you. I love that you... caught me off guard but you also let me take charge. 

So this is also to make it clear between us. You are not the crazy one. How I see you, is. 
But I would really love... If we can see each-other again someday. For real, Love.

ps: Thanking T.W.W for the inspiring key word (what a coincidence, the word from you... assuredly is the one word I was trying to avoid :) ) Guess I can't help it.

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