Jan 1, 2012

Twenty Twelve

I am so blessed.  Extremely blessed. When you can be a blessing, isn't that mean you are first-blessed? I know I do. 

The fact that none of my scars and failures can make Him love me less... elevates me. I am imperfect, I am a wreck even but from this edge, the only people who still are by my side are the real ones. And how can I not be thankful for that? 

I had just the perfect amount of laugh and tears that mold me who I really am today. 

So, 2012... welcome. I will not be part of you, you-instead- will just be an element of what my creator has planned for me. Be ready to be boggled away, shrieked to the corner and with the realization of a so called future.
I love you already.


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