Oct 29, 2011

Will and Will not

One random topic. How far do you know yourself so that you can distinguish very surely things you will change and things you will not? I have been thinking about it the whole day and as a pace of training if will try to jot them down. Here you go;
(ps: all in random order and may mounting up as time goes)

I know I will never:
  • Lose my faith.
  • Have cats.
  • Be too old for cartoon movies, dancing under the rain, and act all silly whenever the mood strikes.
  • Brave enough to ride a motor bike. I am happy just to be the passenger who will repeatedly yells " slooow dooowwwwn". But never, ride it on my own.
  • Admitting that "regret" is normal. But moving on is a must.
  • Get sick of a sweet french kiss. Especially one that has "pauses" in the middle because I cannot stop giggling when doing it.
  • Eat Indian food again.
  • Stop reading and writing and adore music and art. I did not regret that I fail on my violin and piano classes when I was a kid. Was too active, not that "genius" and too goofy back then. I ended up as one music lover anyway.
  • Change my last name. If it matters much for the spouse, I will hyphenated it; Tressabel Hutasoit- XYZ. If...
  • Let anyone define who I really am. 
  • Color my hair. I am so proud of the dark as the night color. Will never ever dye them.
And at some stage, I know I will:
  • Be too busy decorating my own house I will have no time to blog as much *big grin. After that, my posts will be all about home decor. (# in my Bucket List)
  • Cook. Not the easy ones but the "rich with twists and flavors" Asian cooking. Oh dear Grandma, please bear with me. 
  • Get wrinkles under my eyes. I laugh a lot. This is the risk.
  • Understand that the whole thing is not about me. Like the first chapter in Rev. Rick Warren's book: Purpose Driven Life: It's not about you.
  • Have that one particular book published ( which reminds me of this so hard to wrapped up those chapter!)
  • Be in that pilgrimage tour to Israel. Mom, count me on this.
  • Have my own family. Be one godly, loving woman for one man, be the type of a mother who will always hover on my children's back (haha!), spoil them with love, do anything for their education.
  • Discipline the yoga class again (oh wait, this has to start next week!)
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  1. Hi Tressabel,
    very good one ;-))
    I wrote my first lists back when I was a teenager, maybe 15 years ago, thank you for reminding me of that!
    Xxx Silvia

  2. hahaha... ur welcome. The one I wrote in my teen years has smthing like : my first love should be with someone who looks like Axl rose :)) I think I was too twisted a that time :))


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