Oct 27, 2011

Dear Little Sister

Dear Little sister,
I have to tell you this... I think it is cute to know you still think of me as one who always have the answer to everything. Like when we were kids. When you ask about silly stuffs and I gladly responded with ridiculous answers. Answers you found comforting. Answers we both believed in.
Remember how we could not wait to grow up? How we sneaked into Mom's closet just to try on her shoes and lipstick? If only somebody would tell us not to rush it... we would probably cut all the crap and live in the childhood longer. How growing up sucks... How it is not merely all being pretty and driving and get the freedom to do things we are told not to.
But, sure.. time strolls in a speed of light. And here we are now. Looking back, questioning fate. Even.. questioning God. Why are we here? Why so dark? Why the road is just too narrow I cannot barely breathe? Why did I get myself into this?
Dear little sister... Honestly... I do not know. I do not have all the answers. Part of me is also wandering in search. Of nothingness?
If there is one thing I can do is to hold your hand... Let us walk in the dark together. Let us be frightened together. Just us.  No explanation needed.
This might be one of the tunnel that may seems has no end. No light. No signs. But believe me... There is. 
We just have to walk through this. Grow faith in each step of the way. Let us take it one day at a time. One baby step... But walk... Let us face this. No reason to look in to the past. They matter not.
Little sister... Do not stop now, do not gave up. Not on me. Not for your sweet self. 
Hold my hand. Cry on my shoulder. Let me weep for us too. Listen, I am with you. No matter what.

from yanilavignet

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