Oct 31, 2011

No need to shave this morning please

Hey ladies, just one easy question to close the day. Which one you like better? A sleek looking man or a scruffy dude? I am working in hospitality industry so most of the men in the surroundings as well as my acquaintances  are all looking like they just walked straight out of the barber shop; tidy, sleek, and clean.

I like that but I occasionally enjoy a view of a guy (if I am into him) if he looks a bit like he has "no time to shave this morning" . Most of my girlfriends have the same opinion on this too! My darling friend even have this rule for her husband: not to shave during the weekend. And as apparently it hits their mood to make out all day long... I can imagine how the hubby loveeees to obey so.

So yes gentlemen, do us a favor once in a while. Skip at least one time for shaving and show up on our door looking all manly, cute and hot at the same time!
You will not regret it ;)
( photo credit: here )
This is not what we mean ( tho a lil tattoo is still okay)


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