Oct 23, 2011

A carry on tips to carry on

Sourced from Reader's digest- and tweaked with my personal experiences, let us talk about packing for traveling. Now we all know that however short the flight is, you will always have that little carry on . Especially women. I am one person who have this "10 things I cannot leave the house without". Well, a quick walk to the nearest convenient store does not count of course.
Packing the perfect carry-on bag is an essential skill for the seasoned traveler, especially with "no guarantee" that your checked bag will arrive at your destination, But just how much can you expect to carry and what should you carry to make sure that you have all the items you need when you travel? Check out our 5 tips for packing the perfect carry-on.
1. Know the dimensions.
Most airlines post their size requirements for carry-on baggage on their website. Make sure that your suitcase is well within these parameters to avoid checking your baggage.
2. Roll clothes like logs, not in stacks. I do this every time I travel. I was a tour leader intern the first years of my college years so this trick really comes in handy.
This is how: Lay out your clothing on your bed or on a clean table and carefully roll the items up together. Separate rolls into pants, shirts, and skirts or choose to roll items in separate outfits if you plan to live out of your suitcase at your destination.
3. Stuff underwear and rolled socks in shoes. Ha!
Save valuable space by stuffing underwear and socks inside your shoes. My trick is, place them in a plastic bag and then stuff in your shoes for space savings.
4. Call ahead to your hotel or destination, or the very least- check their homepage.
There’s no need to bring a hairdryer if it is  already provided at your destination. Extra soap is a must for me because I cannot use the soap bars provided by the hotel. So I have their tiny bottles ready.
5. If in doubt, don’t bring it. Or, neutralized it. One pair of jeans that can go for a night and day instead of bring one that looks too boyish and one that looks to feminine. I have just one pair of jeans that goes with any style. When in doubt, don’t bring it along. You can find most of the items that you’ll need at your destination. Who doesn’t love a little vacation shopping?
6. Always have a pack of wet napkins ready and maybe a perfume concrete next to a hydrating spray. Anti bacterial wet tissue is adding the value. It is always refreshing to be able to freshen up  a little bit in the lavatory a few minutes before landing. No marks from the overslept, no weary eyes. A little jar of perfume concrete from Lóccitane that I always carry in my make up kit is just perfect for a carry on.
7. A fully charged Ipod, one fashion magazine (make sure it is the latest issue) is more than enough for a less than 3 hours of flight. Or 1 book you know you will enjoy if magazine is not your favorite airplane reading. If it is a long haul, maybe 1 magazine and 1 book plus a sudoku!
find more tips and trick  here  ( Oh that pop colored passport jacket is too cute!)

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