May 6, 2011

Surat cinta untuk Mama

my mom and dad

Dear Mama,
I don’t always understand you. But then again, I also don’t think that it was easy for you to handle my “know it all” attitude, my mood swing, and my tendency to rebel almost everything you said. Back when I was a walking hormone in a growing 16 year old girl body.

Then time travels. And here we are. I am in my 30-ies, well 31 to be exact and you are gracefully reaching 53. We are no longer the same women who keep fighting over our most lovable Man. My Dad, that is. We no longer judge each other choices and decisions. We accept our differences.We stepped out from our long dwell on the past, we embrace future- no matter how shady it sometimes seems.

We don’t see each other as a competition no more, I see you as a personality. You see me as a friend. I see us grow.
Your say, your tears, your grief, your happiness…and the fact that you stand still, even though I know your hardships is eating you out most of the time... Elevates me…

You used to give up easily. Now that you are alone, you grow stronger everyday.
You used to be the weak one, now that you are a grandmother; we cannot imagine how that beautiful grandson of yours ever life without your crazy yet strong strong love.
You used to contra every single thing I do. And now, even at my lowest moment, you got my back.

Happy birthday, Mama. Let us celebrate every bits and pieces that God has placed around you.

Don’t give up. Not now. Especially, not you.

Proud daughter

ps: And remember, we have a full 4 days tour in Bali arranged for you at the end of this month!

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