Apr 10, 2011

Versatile Fashion

My blog is like my diary. So I don't have to stick with one genre. It is who I am. I can be deep, I can be witty. I can post about a nobel prize winning but I can also talk about love, food or even fashion. :)

I recently spot this classic, versatile yet chic denim jacket on one of my "guilty pleasure" web, people .Yes, the fashion and hollywood casts site. The jacket Nicole Richie is wearing in the picture reminds me of the one I used to have. Have no idea where that one is now... been trying to find them but no result. So yes, I have been dreaming and eyeing for a denim jacket even though I currently am residing in Bali. Hey, I can always wear a shift no sleeve dress before it or a tank top  if  I want to use it for a night out or when I have to ride a long with a motor bike. There has got to be a reason :). Look how she rocks the item;

To make me even hungrier , I found another fashion icon wearing a similar jacket;

I already own a striped top and a pointy shoes
And yesterday, my sweet friend Adis Alia, asked me to go to this flea market here in Bali. I did not even know that this kind of market exist in Bali! Yes Bali is packed with art and craft store but used clothes where i can find some vintage dress?
So, after a long winding road- yes it was pretty remote, we got there and look...look what I fouuuuund....
Less than 50k (IDR)
There you go, I do not need to buy the expensive ones i have located last week. This one is just perfect. It is the one and only, and it's my size!. 
I will post a picture of me wearing that denim jacket later. Now, it is still at the laundromat. Heheheheh... Thank you Adis! 


  1. wahh aku jadi pengen ke toko itu! alamatnya dimana ya? mbak abel, kalau aku main ke bali, tolong tunjukkan tempatnya ya.
    btw, ini tifa dari tjp, semoga mbak abel masih ingat:)

  2. How can i forget you?... Aku tunggu yah main2 ke Bali...

  3. Wonderful outfits, I love your updated fashion trends. The jeans jacket are awesome and fashionable. I love to wear this and want to purchase such affordable jeans jacket. Really appreciable post.


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