Apr 6, 2011

Faith some more

Oh how I have stumble and have to pick my self up over and over again.
But... this one word; FAITH seems to find its way to light every single dim inside of me to be an outburst of a lighting spirit.

Yes, I have to be repeatedly reminded about  the virtue of  this word but I don't mind. Faith is a value we have to sharpen every single day ... Because trials and adversity gives you no hint or a heads up when they are about to knock you down on your feet...

Who can be sure and certain of tomorrow ? No single soul. But worrying to death is not is not going to deliver you to any final answer anyway.
You may have a big question now at this very moment (I know I am). Can I get through this? Will I ever be able to get that part? When is my turn? Why is this not getting any easier for me or my family?
I now understand that there's a time for me to leave that kind of questions working its toll. Do what is my part, and have and endless faith God will do the rest.
Err.. ya.. I can "forget"about that too sometimes, but by sharing this with you all, I can take the pleasure of being reminded about it again and again...

So, dearly beloved, if I am about to faint or gave up in life... Have no hesitation in reminding me of this one powerful word, or placing this word on my forehead.
Because I know I will do the same if you wave your hands from afar, shout at me and tell me that you are about to drown.

Lets faith some more.
from joyfultoons

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