Feb 8, 2013

Home is where the heart is (part.1)

Few months have gone by since I share you the dream house story. I remember promising the updates on the development, but in between work, sleepless nights, daily routines and what not (not to mention being hospitalized during the holidays), I have missed doing so.

If you are planning to buy a house or in the middle of building one, always be prepared with:  
Extra budget. Because you know... you just have to have that particular door panel, or that drifted wood window frames, and oh... that granite for your kitchen floor that suddenly looks better if you move it to the backyard to become a semi-outdoor one... :)
Understanding with delays in time. Always allow at least 1 extra month from the readiness scheduled . If it's a ready unit, it should not take that much of time. In my case, it started from an empty land. When I was told it will take no more than 3 months, I know it may take the developer and the contractor longer than that. It's true. But I am not that upset. I can understand.

Another thing, never compromise on what you think is the most important part of the house. For me, it's the backyard and the location. So even expanding the building can be tempting, I stick to my first plan. Small house, huge backyard. 
Same goes to location. Other house may seem cheaper but good location can be priceless.

In general, everything seems to be at its place and I keep thanking God for his endearing blessings.

For without Him, there is no way I would ever be able to post this kind of picture below...

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