Feb 24, 2013

You are not flawless. And that's perfect.

I asked a few friends this question: What is the one flaw that you would not want to change about yourself?
Here are their brave and witty answers.

Y.A: My full of freckles face. I look like Pippi Longstocking but I do not care. It makes me special, people often stare at me but they will smile at the end realizing that these dots are just making my face looks super friendly. And I really am, a friendly person. I guess all people with freckles are.

P.M: Only my left ear is functioning. Or, yea... I am half-deaf. But because of that, I concentrate more, pay more attention when people talk to me. I really listen...and understand. And people like that. Obviously.

E.R: I have a thin-close to transparent line in between behaving like a lady and acting like a douche because I curse all the f-ing time! But hey, it wakes other people up in a boring meeting! I mean what the f**k are people thinking keeping us for a two-hour meeting on Fridays?!

D.H: Well I have to be really careful with my weight. But now that I am breastfeeding my baby, the fact that I am a bit used to having that 'extra pounds', enables me to not stressing out like other  women as much and it effects my breast milk production and my baby's health.

Me?: My NOT a button nose. It represents where I am from, an inheritance from my ancestors from North Sumatra. Oh, us Bataks have strong jaws too!:))

How about you?

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