Oct 19, 2012

No #1 in my Bucket List, checked!

Exactly a year ago, I posted this , and in that post I mentioned one vivid point about how I someday will be too busy to blog being too occupied decorating my own house. Well... let me tell you something that I have been meaning to tell you!

Truth be told, I can be a bit superstitious sometimes. Simply because I can be too afraid that I am going to jinx it. Haha! But now, I can let the 'not so much of a secret' out. I cannot describe you enough on how happy I am, and how blessed I am as one God's child. 
Years and years of hard work pays off indeed. I can be very determined too when it comes to a goal, but still...this is only because of God's grace. He enables me to achieve something that is greater than anything that ever comes to my mind. Bigger than what I can ever imagined.

And though that I realize (with all my heart and soul) that I have to work twice as smart and hard after this, I have an absolute reason to do so. By super strong willingness, a giant faith and guts.... I am happy to tell you that... *drum roll
Well, let's just say I need this kind of book now :)

Yes, I am what it says on the title. 

Ps: 1 Corinthians 2:9

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