Feb 19, 2013

What Creativity is Not

Having a hard time at work, I realize that it has been a while since I jump up in an excitement of eureka because of a new idea. Maybe I have to spend a long day at the beach, maybe I have to change my routine?

Questioning this, I am starting to come into a realization about something.

Creativity is something you can shape... through miles and miles of trial and error. But it is not something you can buy.
Creativity can be conveyed by someone who is your inspiration, it can be from your nearest and dearest, or a complete stranger. But if you steal it, it no longer is.

Creativity takes action, of reading, of browsing or stumbling from one page to another, be it in a book, a magazine or the drowning and magnetic world wide web. But it has to brought you to new ideas, new concept, new subjects. It has to embody your original self.
Tweaking, re-phrasing a paragraph or a topic... is not creativity. It is not you.

You have a life. Look for your shady mundane and pierce it. Scatter it into pieces. Paint them shocking pink!
Then you can start thinking about creativity.


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