Jun 17, 2012

To my first Love

The thing is… I know this is not getting any better. The more I try to forget about you, the more vivid your image is captivating my mind. I miss you more every day and I know that sounds silly… You probably are sick with me posting about this, but… this is the only way I can feel better.

Never a second that I doubt that you are in a better place… But still. I cannot stop missing you and asking what would you think of me now? About the woman that I become…Are you proud of me?
In a few months, my other sister is going to deliver a baby… What would you name the little bundle of joy if you were still around?
I am so happy with my job, what would you suggest me to do to keep it up?

I just miss having you around. That’s all I can say.
Ps: This might crack you up, but EURO 2012 is the main reason why I am in such mellow mood of missing you.
Happy Father’s Day, Luther Hutasoit.
Because for me, Father’s Day is the day to celebrate every sons’ ‘first hero’ and every daughters’ ‘first love’. And you know what you are to me…


  1. Euro and World Cup are the time when I miss my father most too.

  2. Hey P4git, thank you for reading... Let us watch Euro and be reminded in a sweet memories of our old men :)


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