Jun 25, 2012

Awesome People Hanging Out Together: Awesome Friends

Good morning! 
This Monday's Awesome People post is not taken from the uber cool tumblr like usual... But instead, from my own image library.
This is to bid a farewell that we have renamed to a 'Till We meet Again', to Silvia (the beautiful girl in white shirt) and Nicolas-her husband. Our dearest friends who have taken another opportunity in Kota Kinabalu. 
The ladies in the picture are my besties... Awesome ladies!
This is not our first picture together and I can assure you this is also not the last. Will  capture some more moments again... maybe not soon... But we will!
ps: I was on my way to a work event at that particular time, so please excuse my fashion failure at the beach *grin

Taree, Tressabel, Silvia, Fiftin

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